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We've got one life only, let's make the best out of it, doing what we like.


Positivity, optimism, connections, adventure, resourcefulness.

For the well-being!

It looks like a bubble. 

Do you know that bubble in which you can float and be in peace with yourself? Well then, this is exactly that kind of well being I chase when I draw, when I dive, or simply when I am in control of my breathing.

Using meditation by drawing, thanks to my respiration!

I am actually chasing the cardiac coherence. It implies to breath on a regular rythme, my lungs inflates and deflates, my chest cavity goes up and down, so are my shoulders. It is on the way down of my shoulders that I let my hand trace a line, and another one, again and again. When drawing, the best for me is to drink a coffee while listening to music at the same time. This way I get a feeling of fullness for hours.

The practice itself, as simple as it is.

The fact of doing with my hand and lungs, acting on feeling only, without any set theme, is making me happy.

One good 3 hours meeting in 2015, and that was it!

Not at all! I started the day I met this lady, when I was 26 years old, and I have never stopped since!

Absolutly not... 

I engaged into a scientific lign of study, from mechanical engineering to languages. I worked in several completely different jobs, topics, and countrys.

By simply trusting myself.

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